Saturday, May 7, 2011

Poem #6

When I lay and think, in my bed at night,
the day you'll arrive, seems nowhere in sight.

I wake, I sleep and I turn, dreaming of you,
opening my eyes, checking if my dream came true.

It didn't, again, and a tear starts to roll,
crying quietly... my pillow I hold.

Many sleepless nights I've prayed for you, my love.
God abandoned my soul out of heaven above

But why is life the way it is now
making me sad, make me crazy, he wants a vow?

That's a question I asked each and every night.
He must think your special, and I know he's right

No other has made me feel so complete,
my whole life was written in the stars, so we could meet.

All these thoughts and more going through my head.
I fall asleep worrying for tomorrow, am I dead yet?

M :'(


  1. Omg, i love it! wounderful poems.... god bless you....

  2. you wrote nice poems...i can feel the same feeling you have in your poems..loving someone who is so far makes me miss him like crazy..

  3. It may come late but I just found it now. I lost someone very special in my life and this only reminds me of the feelings I had and still have. I still ask those questions...

  4. hert touching lines...